RCBH supports SLHS HOSA Club members who will attend the 42nd HOSA International Leadership Conference

Yuma, AZ –  (May 16th, 2019).- To make possible for San Luis High School HOSA Club members Justine Rodriguez and Carina Diaz to attend the HOSA 42nd Annual International Leadership Conference, Ms. Amanda Aguirre, former State of Arizona Senator and current President & CEO of the Regional Center for Border Health, Inc., presented a donation for 3,750 dollars this week.

Ms. Aguirre congratulated both students and their Instructor, Ms. Kimberly Elg, since they will be representing Arizona during the event in Orlando, Florida, in June 19-22, 2019.

In April, the HOSA Club members won second place during the HOSA State Conference in Tucson, Arizona, and got the pass to participate at the international level.

According to Carina Diaz, they will be presenting on the Community Emergency Response Team, a group of certified members who help emergency responders in case of a mass casualty event.

“When there is natural disaster, terrorist attacks, or anything that causes mass casualties, CERT can be there to help out the community,” said Diaz.

Ms. Elg, and instructor of Emergency Medical Services at San Luis High School, added that this is the second year for the HOSA Club competing and they are grateful with Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. supporting them.

Ms. Aguirre expressed, “I am so glad to see you both are interested in doing something for your community, not only as students, making us proud of your academic achievements, but because you will surely be Health Care professionals.”

Rodriguez revealed, “I am studying to be a Social Workers, so I will be going to U of A to study Social Behavior,” and Diaz said, “I will finish community college at AWC and will start Nursing and after 2 years I hope I can become a Registered Nurse and give back to the community.”

The mission of HOSA is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience.

 Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. has supported Yuma County HOSA Club members for years to help them pave the pathway to success.

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