Anti-Bullying Awareness


The Yuma County Anti‐Bullying Task Force was formed in 2008 in an effort to raise awareness regarding such a sensitive and difficult issue in rural Yuma County, Arizona.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person.

Types of Bullying:

  • Physical: includes any physical contact that would hurt or injure a person like hitting, kicking, punching, etc.
  • Verbal: is name-calling, making offensive remarks, or joking about a person's religion, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or the way they look.
  • Indirect: includes spreading rumors or stories about someone, telling others about something that was told to you in private, and excluding others from groups.
  • Social Exclusion: is when a bully excludes someone from a group on purpose.
  • Intimidation: is when a bully threatens someone else and frightens that person enough to make him or her do what the bully wants.
  • Cyber bullying: is done by sending messages, pictures, or information using electronic media, computers (email & instant messages), or cell phones (text messaging & voicemail.

Consequences for the Victim:

  • Failure and learning difficulties
  • High levels of anxiety
  • May develop school phobia
  • Development of unsafe and unhealthy personality
  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficulty integrating in social and academic settings
  • Clinical symptoms: anxiety, hysteria and depression
  • Violent behavior


  • Counseling
  • Educational sessions
  • Prevention tips
  • Reporting website
  • Low self-esteem


  • Regional Center for Border Health, Inc.
  • Yuma Union High School District
  • City of Yuma Police Department
  • City of San Luis Police Department
  • City of Somerton Police Department
  • Yuma County Sheriff’s Office
  • Yuma County Board of Supervisors
  • Cocopah Indian Tribe
  • Yuma County Attorney’s Office
  • Yuma County Superintendents Office

For more information call 928‐315-7910.


Regional Center for Border Health, Inc.
Administration Headquarters
950 E. Main Street, Building A
Somerton, AZ 85350

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 617
Somerton AZ 85350

Phone: (928) 315-7910
Fax: (928) 627-1255

Regional Center for Border Health, Inc.
Family Behavioral Integrated Services
214 W. Main Street
Somerton, AZ 85350

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 617
Somerton AZ 85350

Phone: (928) 627-9222
Fax: (928) 627-8315
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Family Behavioral Integrated Services
1130 E. Main Street
Somerton, AZ 85350

Phone: (928) 627-2017
Fax: (928) 627-2168

Center for Children with Special Needs and Autism
214 W. Main Street
Somerton, AZ 85350

College of Health Careers
950 E. Main Street, Building A
Somerton, Arizona
Phone: 928-315-7600
Fax: (928) 627-1013


San Luis Walk-In Clinic, Inc.
1896 E. Babbitt Lane
San Luis, AZ 85349

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1669
San Luis AZ 85349

Phone: (928) 722-6112
Fax: (928) 550-5466
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Billing Office:
330 W. 24th St. Ste-2
Yuma, Arizona
(928) 276-3414

Phone:(928) 276-3414
Fax: (928) 276-4823


Mohave County Office
1940 Mesquite Ave, Suite A
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

Phone: (928) 680-1468
Fax: (928) 680-3435
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La Paz County Office
601 Riverside Dr #7
Parker, AZ 86344

Phone: (928) 669-4436
Fax: (928) 669-4435
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Parker Walk-In Clinic
601 E. Riverside Drive, Ste 2 & 4
Parker, AZ 86344

Phone: (928) 256-4110
Fax: (928) 256-4111

Mobile Medical Unit

Yuma, Mohave and La Paz Counties

Phone: (928) 722-6112