RCBH launches first Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship as a part of its Undergraduate Medical Education Program
From Left to Right: Shannon Alsobrooks, Dr. Mandana Semnani and Jillian Reynoso

Yuma, AZ – (June 5, 2023). - The Regional Center for Border Health, Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship with the participation of two third-year College of Medicine students from the University of Arizona.


According to Ms. Joena Ezroj, Director of Western Arizona Area Health Education Center (WAHEC), LIC is an advanced schedule of medical education where medical students can learn in an experiential environment, working with, and supervised by, clinical preceptors.

LIC students learn in a rural healthcare setting and acquire clinical skills and medical knowledge in a context of continuity with patients, medical staff, and the community.

LIC Program Goals

  • Prepare students to become rural physicians in areas of medical knowledge and clinical experience by immersing them in a rural health community.
  • Enable students to establish continuity relationships with patients, their treatment teams and faculty preceptors, and treatment settings across the care continuum.
  • Create continuity with a community of peer learners.
  • Shift the emphasis of education from the hospital to the clinic.
  • Develop personal skills, habits of inquiry, and systems-level quality improvement with a focus on excellence and patient safety in rural settings.

Ms. Amanda Aguirre, former Arizona State Senator and current President & CEO, Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. stated, “we are pleased that we are able to contribute to the pipeline of Arizona’s medical students in preparing them to be able to pursue their formal residency program. In particularly, having to experience in working in rural clinical settings such as our Rural Health Clinic San Luis Walk In Clinic, Inc., and learning and understanding the needs of underserved rural communities. It is our hope that they will choose after completion of  their family residency program to practice in a rural community in Arizona.”

LIC Clerkship is a 39 weeks program. LIC students are enrolled in four sequential Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Terms. Integrated specialty training will take place at San Luis Walk-In Clinics in Somerton, Yuma and the San Luis Medical Mall.


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