RCBH College of Health Careers adds Licensed Practical Nurse to its professional training programs
First group of students for the LNP Program with Instructor Ms. Lesie Morin, RN, MSN, CNOR

Yuma, AZ. - The Regional Center for Border Health, Inc./ College of Health Careers is proud to announce a new educational program that will give students an opportunity to continuing advancing their health care career goals and increasing the healthcare workforce in Yuma County.


The Licensed Practical Nurse program has been added to the education trainings the CHC offers, said Ms. Lorena Delgadillo, Campus Administrator.


“The Licensed Practical Nurse is an essential part of the healthcare team who works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse and/or Doctor.  The LPN will be provided with the theory and skills required to practice in acute care, extended care, and intermediate care,” said Ms. Delgadillo.


A total of 16 students started the course that will last 9 months, and will graduate to receive their license through the Arizona State Board of Nursing.


The LPN is responsible for monitoring and care of patients and may include: 

·       Taking and recording vital signs 

·       Administering medications 

·       Collecting body fluid/specimen samples 

·       Performing lab tests 

·       Listening to patient concerns and answering questions 

·       Assembling equipment (catheters, gastrostomy tubes, and oxygen) 


Anyone interested in becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse must have a High School Diploma or a GED, must hold a CNA certification, and must obtain a passing score in the HESI-PN exam.


This is a high demand career, said Ms. Delgadillo, the College of Health Careers established the LPN training in order to fill the gaps in the medically underserved communities and meet the needs of healthcare field workforce demands.


Former Arizona State Senator and current President & CEO, Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. Ms. Amanda Aguirre stated, “we at RCBH continue addressing the shortage of healthcare profesional in particularly in the nursing service industry area, as a result of the state’s older adult population increasing by 36% in the last decade”.


For more information please contact College of Health Careers at (928) 315-7600.




Media Contact: Alex Bejarano, Public Relations Director

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